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 Pot Odds

A series of questions to test just how much you know about playing poker. Read the question, decide what you would do  and then click on the question to reveal the answer. 


Your odds are 1.33:1, or 4:3. The cards you should choose are the 6 and 5 clubs or the 6 and 5 spades. You will win 22.89% of the time. There are no two other cards that will win that often against pocket aces. You will win all club and spade flushes, you will win when there are four clubs or four spades on the board, and your 6 will steal a win when the board has a wheel. The answer has to be pot odds. If the Bruins are expected to win (for example) only one time in fifty, then the odds on your bet have to be greater than 50:1. For every $1 you bet on the underdog, you'd have to be paid more than $50 for this bet to be profitable for you in the long run. (50:1 and $50 are just an example, not any actual odds.



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