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Online Poker is the fastest growing phenomenon on the internet and our aim is to become the ultimate resource for playing poker on the web. There are many advantages to playing online. The most obvious being that, not being able to see your opponents, nor even knowing who they are has great appeal. As Paul Newman once said: If you are in a game of poker and you look round the table and haven't figured out who the sucker is... then its you!

On our site you'll find lots of resources to help you improve, we've got all of the following:

Reviews of, and links to, all the top poker sites. Together with tips from professional poker players, which will help both the beginner and the experienced player improve their game.

Do you know the difference between Texas Hold Em and Omaha Poker? If not then be sure check out the section on our site which explains the different types of poker. Also for the beginner we explain the basic rules, and for those of you with an enquiring mind we have a section solely devoted to the history of poker!

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