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Poker is the best-known and most popular card game in the world. It is a game of skill with an element of luck involved. Even the best players can't always win. In the short run, all poker players will have some wins and losses. In the long run, the quality of your decisions determines whether you win or lose at poker. There are many books available to help the beginning players become winning players. The more experience one gets at the game of poker, the better one becomes. It is a game that rewards patience, discipline, observation, and the ability to make intelligent decisions quickly.

Basic rules of poker, strategies are the things that a beginner can learn by reading a book. But there is another point that is not mentioned in any book dedicated to the game. Poker players as other social groups have their own language. It consists of specific card names, names of card combinations, jokes around the table and so on.

The history of cards is dated from ancient times. The direct origin of the cards is not determined, but the transformation from a 78 card deck to a 52 card deck occurred in the Middle Ages. 52 cards correspond to the quantity of the weeks in the year, 4 suits represent 4 seasons. Each season consists of 13 weeks; therefore, each suit consists of 13 cards. It is known that each suit includes pips from 1 to 10 and pictures: jack, queen, king. If we change those picture cards to figures 11, 12, 13 and sum all pips up, we will get 91 pips, each season consists of 91 days. Thus, the sum of all pips from 4 suits forms 364, which is the number of days, except one day, in a year.

You can learn more information on cards and card names used in poker below.

Ace - One, Bull, Seed, Bullet, Sharp Top, Spike, Spot

King - Monarch, K-boy, King Kong, Kowboy, sergeant from K company, (slang) Cowboy

Queen - Dame, Girl, Lady, Hooker, Mop Squeezer, Joy Girl, Stenographer, (old usage) Hen, (slang) Bitch, Puta (Spanish "whore"), Whore

Jack - Knave, Valet, Boy, Fishhook, Hook, Jack Jackson, Jackson, Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Florida, Jake, Jaybird (J-bird), Jayboy (J-boy), John, Johnny

Ten - T

Nine - Neener, Nina, Nina Ross, pothook, Quinine

Eight - Ocho

Seven -Salmon, Savannah, Fishhook, Valle Card

Six - sax, sex, sickening,

Five - Fever, Pedro, 5-spot, Valle Card

Four - 4-spot, Sore Spot, Sharp Top

Three - Crab, Trey, Valle Card

Two - Deuce, Dewey Duck, Duck, Dewey, Gooey Duck



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