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Arrow Playing Suited Connecting Cards

Although people rightly believe that AA or KK are the top starting hands in No limit holdem Poker, they do not actually have the potential to win the largest pots, and as we will hopefully illustrate here the hands that do offer that chance of a tournament changing hand are invariably suited connecting cards.

The reason for this is that players fall in love with their cards, how often have you been dealt AA, only to see 4 of the same suit in the middle, let’s say hearts. It’s almost inevitable that somebody around the table will have a heart in their hand and the flush will obviously beat your pair of aces, but there are some people who just cannot throw that pair of aces away. This is the obvious scenario and in reality all good poker players will actually chuck their cards at this point, however the less obvious scenario is when the flop produces cards which could potentially give somebody a straight. Particularly if it is a low straight as the other players will assume that nobody would have called with two low cards in their hand.
If this happens to you then you are in the best position you can be in no limit hold em, you know you have the best hand, you also know that your opponent thinks he has the best hand, therefore all of your opponents chips are yours for the taking!!
The key to this is pot odds, and investing a small amount to stay in the hand in the hope that you will hit the jackpot by flopping the nuts. Inevitably you will lose more hands than you win by playing suited connecting cards however it is the fact that when you do win you will win big that makes playing suited connecting cards so attractive. There is also two other bonus’s of playing suited connecting cards, firstly the flush. But also when you turn over a 34 of clubs, your opponents will be perplexed as to why on earth you called that hand originally, and will hopefully not have a clue as to what you will do next in the game.
Limit Hold em is a different concept, and really is a totally different game, a fact which is often overlooked and the game is all about starting hands, so calling suited connector does not apply to Limit hold em Poker.
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