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Self control tips
Arrow Self Control in Poker
1. The Big Tip

Pay attention all the time. Watch and listen. Focus on the next to speak and interpret his action.

2. I Will Survive!


Think your way through all situations. When things have gone badly, sit there just as tough as when you first came in. That can be very discouraging to other players.

3. Respect your opponents

Try not to think you are better than you are. Remember that you are only as good as your last mistake. There is something to be learned from every hand, whether you are in it or not. Even bad players can teach you something - like how to play against bad players. Keep working on your faults and patterns. It's all going to take much longer than you think. Don't play your cards, play your opponents.

4. Embrace Risk

Do not kid yourself about poker. There may be more skill than luck in the game, but there is still a lot of gambling involved, particularly in tournaments. Don't become too attached to your chips. In competitions they are shrinking all the time as the blinds go up, so put them into play and make them work for you. Make sure that you control risk, rather than it controlling you.

5. Control your Impulses

Embracing risk doesn't mean going crazy. Think every bet through, every time. Do not ever play emotionally. If you find yourself saying ' I end up with all my chips in and don't know how they got there' , then you are a victim of your own impetuosity.

6. Have Fun

Until the day comes when you decide its time to go pro, you are playing the game to enjoy yourself, so enjoy! Keep it light, maintain your sense of humour and don't get grumpy. You should work hard to improve your game, but do it with a smile, not a frown. 


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