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 Ron Rose       Ron Rose (shown left)is a former stockbroker turned professional poker player, here is his 9 tips on becoming a tournament winner:
  1. What should your aim be?
  2. To make the correct decisions and make your opponents make the wrong ones. Always aim to mislead.
  3. Luck and Skill
  4. Don’t mistake Luck for Skill or bad play for bad luck. If your gutshot straight came off it was luck not skill. If you flopped the top pair and checked to the river and lost to runner-runner, it wasn’t bad luck it was bad play.
  5. Changing Gears
  6. If you don’t, you’ll be off the table. Change gears when you know you’re being played, your short stacked or if it gets to heads up.
  7. Early Tournament play
  8. Don’t try and win from there, just concentrate on staying alive and accumulating chips. Play in small pots early on and avoid coin flip hands.
  9. Middle Play
  10. Tight players don’t win tournaments. Get aggressive and start stealing blinds. Flex your muscles as you can’t win without playing big pots.
  11. Late Play
  12. Beware of overconfidence if your on a roll. Take advantage of players who are scared to be knocked out. As players are eliminated, card values go up. If you’ve got a lot of chips, bully!! If you’ve only got a few move all in whatever hand you’ve got.
  13. Heads up Play
  14. Don’t be afraid to fold. When Doyle Brunson played Lee Markholt one time, the button never once called the big blind in 17 hands.
  15. Online Play
  16. Never, ever use the auto-button, and watch for bad players who do. Never show your hand. Chat and work the lobby. Don’t give bad players lessons as they might learn to use them against you.
  17. His Final Word
  18. Always study, keep a journal and write down hands where you had to make a tough decision, and then analyse what you could have done.. Keep reading books, there are always good new ones you haven’t read, but above all have FUN!!
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