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Hopefully when you read this you’re first reaction will be. Why hasn’t anybody told me that before?

You’re probably aware that understanding and calculating pot odds is one of the major steps you can take to improve your game, but maths was never your favourite subject and fractions in particular are still a mystery.

The idea behind what follows is that it is easier to using multiplication to calculate pot odds than using fractions and division.

The steps to follow to allow you to do this are:

First of all count your outs, that should be easy, how many cards that you haven’t yet seen would give you a winning hand. Once you have this number you need to calculate how likely it is that one of these cards will be dealt.

After the Flop

To calculate the percentage likelihood simply multiply the number of outs you have by 4, so if you have 4 outs you have a 16% chance of getting the card you want (4 x 4 = 16)

After the Turn

The chances of getting the card you want have been halved as there is now only 1 card to be seen rather than 2. Therefore you multiply the number of outs you have by 2, so if you have 4 outs you have an 8% chance of getting the card you want (4 x 2 = 8)

It is then just a case of estimating the percentage of the pot that you're being asked to bet and comparing it with your percentage pot odds. Obviously the Pot Odds should be higher!!

It really is that SIMPLE!!



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