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Arrow Position Relative to your Opponent
One important tactic in helping you play your opponent is your position at the table relative your opponent. For example, you want to play more hands against poor players or maniacs; therefore, it is to your advantage to be sitting to their left. When they enter the pot, you can play a few more hands. When you are sitting to their right , you never know when they are going to play or raise, so you will generally have to use your same tight starting hand criteria as normal. Another advantage of sitting to their left is that you can raise or re-raise to try and isolate yourself against the poor player.

Generally it is also good to sit to the right of tight players, especially when the overall game is relatively tight. You should have more opportunities to steal the blinds. Your raises will tend to drive these opponents out of most of the pots. On the flop, you can often bet out and get these types of opponents to fold. Sometimes, however, it can be an advantage to have these types of player sitting in front of you. If they are so tight that they only bet the very premium hands, you can easily fold your borderline hands whenever they enter the pot.

There is one player who I love to play against for just this reason. He is a top player who wins a lot of money; however this player practically never check-raises or slowplays. He always bets out his strong hands; therefore, when he bets, I can easily fold unless I have a super strong hand also. On the other hand, if he checks I can try to steal the pot since I never have to worry about him check-raising. If he were sitting in my left, I would not be able to use this valuable information nearly as much since I would always have to act before him.



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