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 Fold, Call or (Re) Raise??

A series of questions to test just how much you know about playing poker. Read the question, decide what you would do  and then click on the question to reveal the answer. 


d) Raise big and hope he gives you some credit for a big hand. After all, he could have anything here. Calling is no good, as once the flop comes down you're probably on a sticky wicket, unless that 7/1 chance of flopping a set has come true, and folding is out. c)Raise. This isn't the position or time to get cute; you want to make people pay to get to the flop. But you wouldn't mind callers, either, providing you've made a decent bet so going all in would be a little overboard. d)Go all-in. Chances are someone has an Ace here and if they're going to call and outdraw you, you want them to pay for the privilege. Even against A-2 you would only be a 7-3 favourite, so this isn't the time to risk a disaster.


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