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 Fold, Call or (Re) Raise??

A series of questions to test just how much you know about playing poker. Read the question, decide what you would do  and then click on the question to reveal the answer. 


c) Raise. The button in heads-up hold'em is an extremely strong position. Since it's likely neither you nor your opponent have a huge hand, what matters is who can seize the initiative in a hand and put the most pressure on the other player. Of course, sometimes you'll have a hand as well, and then you can expect to get paid! b)Call. Your opponent is trying to exploit the button position by forcing you to fold too much or play bigger pots out of position. You can't fold too many hands, and let him run over you here, as you'll end up anteing away. You're still getting good odds to call, but because you're at a serious disadvantage, you don't want to up the ante by raising unless you have a serious hand. Calling frequently and taking the flop will let him know you're prepared to play with him without putting yourself at too much risk. c)Check-Call and Check-Raise. If you flop a great hand, you can usually check-call the flop and go for the check-raise on the turn. But if you flop a reasonable but not indefensible hand, it's better to end it on the flop or make your opponent pay to go on.
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