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Arrow Playing Your Opponent
As you know there are certain strategies to use against typical opponents, and how you should alter your play depending on the type of opponent you are against. To raise your game to an advanced level, it is critical that you recognize opportunities to take advantage of each opponent's strengths and weaknesses.

What does it mean by playing your opponent? Some of the things to consider:

  • Play more hands against players with loose starting hand requirements and fewer hands against tight players.
  • Play more hands against players who play badly after the flop.
  • Don't bluff very often against loose players and play aggressively against tight players
  • Induce bluffs against loose aggressive players. Induce calls against tight players
  • After the flop, tend to call, raise and re-raise your borderline hands against aggressive, tricky opponents and fold against rocks who never bet or raise without a strong hand.
  • Note that the playing style of your opponent pre-flop is sometimes different to that after the flop.
  • Generally try to sit to the left of maniacs and to the right of tight players.
  • Mix up your strategies based on the flow of the game to keep your opponents off balance.            

These are only some of the things you might consider.



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