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A tell is an act or gesture that gives away something about the hand that an opponent is holding. There has been a lot written about tells in live games, an opponents eyes being particularly important, however very little about reading tells when playing online. Below are some ideas on online poker tells, the nature of playing poker online is that the only thing you have to go on is the speed of play

A delay followed by a check often indicates weakness

Most opponents who think or delay longer than is normal and then check are trying to imply that they have a better hand than they actually have. They are trying to indicate strength by thinking about betting, but they really want you to check so that they can get a free hand. If your opponent was going to check-raise he would generally check at normal speed and then raise.

A delay followed by a bet often indicates strength

The reverse of the above is true, in that an opponent who "thinks" a long time and then bets usually has a strong hand. He is trying to lure you into calling by thinking a long time before betting.

An instantaneous bet/raise on the turn or river usually indicates strength

Most players who bet or raise instantaneously using automatic buttons generally have strong hands. This is all about reverse psychology, your opponent thinks that you think that he would never raise so fast with a strong hand, therefore he uses reverse psychology and raises instantaneously to make you think that he is weak.

This tell has varying degrees of reliability depending on the street. On the river an instantaneous raise almost always means the nuts or a hand close to it. On the turn it generally indicates a very strong hand. An instantaneous raise preflop also generally indicates a strong hand, especially from early to middle position, however it is not so easy to make generalisations if they are in a late position and are raising a late position player, since they might just be bullying their opponent.

An instantaneous check usually indicates weakness

Many players use the check/fold button when they plan on folding their hand to any bet, this is especially true if the player is playing more than one table. There are 2 situations where you can use this information to your advantage. Lets say that you are in last position, the first player checked and the middle two checked instantaneously, since the middle players probably don’t have anything a bluff will probably be successful against the lone opponent who checked early. Another situation occurs when you are the player who checks early, if your opponents instantaneously check behind you, you could have a bluffing opportunity on the next card. Many players play 2 games at once and use these buttons to quickly move back and forth between hands.

A quick check as above usually indicates weakness, but beware if the player check raises

As stated above a quick check often indicates weakness, however if the player checks quickly and then raises, be very careful!! When a player check-raises, the quick check was probably an attempt to indicate weakness so that you would bet into his strong hand.

Remember that all these tells are generalisations, they work best against unknown opponents, however once you have played with a player for a while observe their betting patterns and style of play and use your judgement using all the information available.

Finally, try not to give tells about your own play to your opponents. To do this either bet at the same sped throughout every hand, or another way is to randomly change the speed of your betting. For example if the last card shown is a black card act after 2 seconds if it is red act after 4, this strategy will puzzle the most observant of your opponents.



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