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Arrow  Dominated Hands
The term dominated hand refers to your two hole cards. It simply means a hand that is inferior to another hand before the flop. There are five ways that a hand can be dominated:

1. Two players (unknowingly, of course) share a common card, and one has a higher side card than the other. The most clear and common example of this situation is when one player has AK, and another player also has an ace, but his second card is lower than a king. Here the AK dominates the other hand. No matter what the other player's second card is, he's almost always a 3-1 underdog to the first player.

2. One holds a pocket pair, and another player holds a higher pocket pair. in this situation, the higher pocket pair is about a 4-1 favorite over the lower pair. 22 is a dominated hand if any other player in the game holds a pocket pair.

3. Both of the player's cards are lower than both of another player's cards. If you hold KJ, and your opponent holds 98, then your hand dominates his.

4. A player has a hand with a flush potential, but another player holds higher flush cards of the same suit. dominates , because it makes a higher flush. 

If the happens to the instead, then the is dominated in two

different ways. It can't beat the ace-high flush, and it also can't beat the  

5. A player has two unpaired cards, and another player holds a pocket pair. In the most extreme example, AK is a 6.1% underdog to 22.

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