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WSOP 2009

Youngest WSOP main event champion, Joe Cada!!

21 year old Joe Cada, became the youngest poker player to win the World Series of Poker Main Event, by raking in the jackpot of $ 8,546,435, in the 2009 WSOP held at Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

A year after 22-year-old Peter Eastgate of Denmark became the youngest player in the history to win the main event of WSOP in 2008, Joe Cada, a week shy of his 22nd Birthday, broke the short lived record by beating 6494 players with a total purse of $ 61,043,600 in a complete sold out series in spite of being dubbed as "The Kid" by his agent Dan Frank.

On November 7th, the final nine players faced each other in the main event of, what is believed to be, the most prestigious event in the field of poker with the number of chips they had won from July 3rd to July 15th preliminary event.

Seat No. 1: Darvin Moon - 58,930,000
Seat No. 2: Eric Buchman - 34,800,000
Seat No. 3: Steven Begleiter - 29,885,000
Seat No. 4: Jeff Shulman - 19,580,000
Seat No. 5: Joe Cada - 13,215,000
Seat No. 6: Kevin Schaffel - 12,390,000
Seat No. 7: Phil Ivey - 9,765,000
Seat No. 8: Antoine Saout - 9,500,000
Seat Seat No. 9: James Akenhead - 6,800,000

James Akenhead of London, U.K., starting with the least chips, was the first player to be eliminated on the opening day with a losing purse of $1,263,602 followed by Kevin Schaffel from Coral Springs, Florida, U.S.A. with an eighth place finish that earned him about $1,300,228. Phil Ivey, a favourite to win the series, was the next to follow by sheer hard luck after his A K lost to Darvin Moon's A Q when on the flop, moon had a queen paired. At another instance, Phil Ivey, with his ace-eight, lost a key flip against Cada with pocket fours, which could have seen Cada out; instead Ivey was able to take only $1,404,002 as he finished 7th. Further Steven Begleiter from New York was the fourth person to be knocked out with earnings of $1,587,133 thus finishing 6th. An unfortunate event, on the part of Begleiter, was that at one point of time, Begleiter folded in the round Cada called all in against Buchman, only to repent later. Jeff Shulman from Las Vegas, who previously talked about throwing away the WSOP bracelet if he won, eventually finished 5th taking home about $1,953,395 as the losing bounty.

Shulman had a bad time, when his went down to Cada's , after the flop, turn card and river turned out to be , and . New York's Eric Buchman was quick to follow, after having a great game, when he pocketed $2,502,787 for finishing 4th beaten by Darvin Moon. With the competition reduced to 3 and heading towards the final showdown, French Antoine Saout put up a brave performance going up from the second lowest chips in the beginning to the third position thus, winning $3,479,670. Saout had previously with knocked off Jeff Shulman holding in a showdown, to maintain a lead for a while, just to be eliminated by Cada in an exciting showdown. Cada's beat Saout's , after the flop, turn card and river were shown to be .

The game progressed to the final showdown between Americans Darvin Moon and Joe Cada on 9th November 2009. Cada who began on the 5th seat had quite a run just to be reduced to 2,275,000 chips in the 122 final table hands. But that wasn't enough to deter the spirit of the 21-year-old from regaining back the lost glory. The final day began in favor of Moon, who picked up the four out of the first five pots, with the first pot being Moon's against Cada's . Cada's big win came when, Darvin Moon with the button, raised to 2.5 million only to be called by Cada. The flop eventually turned out to be with the turn of and river of , this led to Cada's huge win with against Moon's after Moon raised Cada's initial bet of 3 million to 15 million. The final hand began with Joe Cada having the button and a raise to 3 million, just to be met by another raise of 8 million from Moon, which Cada calls. The cards are turned, Cada's becomes the winning hand beating Moon's after the flop turns out to be the turn card falls and the river turns to . Moon looses the final game to the young Cada, carrying with him $5,182,601 for the second place finish. While Cada celebrates his victory by asking the crowd to cheer for Moon and other players, eventually thanking his family apart from pocketing the winning bracelet and $8,546,435.


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