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 Fold, Call or (Re) Raise??

A series of questions to test just how much you know about playing poker. Read the question, decide what you would do  and then click on the question to reveal the answer. 


d) Raise all-in. You figure to have the best hand at this stage, and you can expect at least one caller. If you're unlucky and lose you can always rebuy, and if everyone folds you will get more action next time you pick up a monster. a)Fold. Because you know the other player isn't a maniac, and you know he knows you have enough chips to wipe him out, it's very hard for you to be in a good spot here. Many players will play A-K like this, and there's also the possibility he has a decent pair but doesn't want to se a flop with it. b)Call. Just because he played fast during rebuys doesn't mean he is still doing so now - for all you know, he could be an expert player. Folding and re-raising are out, and going all-in is imprudent.



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